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Western Pennsylvania Baloon Quest - New Castle, PA - July 17 - July 20th

Rockwell Equipment & Supply Company proudly sponsored Western Pennsylvania Balloon Quest held in New Castle, PA from July 17th through July 20th. Our Balloon made several flights including an evening launch on Friday night and a sunrise lift off on Saturday morning.

As a sponsor we were proud to interact with local residents from the New Castle area, and meet several balloonists.

Rockwell Equipment Sponsors Balloon Quest Balloon Quest in New Castle Rockwell Equipment - Suppliers of Industrial Equipment

Rockwell Equipment and Supply begins
fabricating Vacuum Carts to be utilized in the extrusion industry

A Western Pennsylvania plastics manufacturer contacted Rockwell Equipment with an application to fabricate vacuum pump carts for use on calibration tables used in their manufacturing process.

In addition to requiring high quality carts, they were needed in a matter of weeks not months. Pulling our resources, we designed, assembled and delivered the carts in less than three weeks.

These carts have been running flawlessly on various production lines for some time.

Vacuum Carts
Pump Carts
Pump cart

Contact us today to help with your fabrication/pump needs.

Rockwell Equipment settles into its new home in Wilmerding PA

Rockwell Equipment has settled in to its new home in Wilmerding PA. We are standing by to assist with your needs for new equipment and service on Pumps, Air Compressors and HVAC equipment. In addition, we have a very large inventory of lubricants, filters, and new equipment.

We are conveniently located between the Parkway East and the Pennsylvania turnpike.

Call us today to stop by and visit our facility.

Rockwell Equipment, Wilmerding PA

New HVAC Predictive Maintenance Agreement
Reduces Down-time and saves $$$$

Trying to meet the various demands of today’s maintenance department can be difficult given staffing, diagnostic tools, and the availability of spare parts.

A Food Manufacturer located in Central Pennsylvania contacted us to investigate performing predictive and preventive maintenance on all of the HVAC equipment located in their facility.

Rockwell Equipment surveyed all of the HVAC and catalogued the equipment based on our customer’s criteria for its criticality to the operation. After performing our analysis a proposal was generated, quantifying the customer’s needs for uninterrupted production and cost effective preventive and predictive maintenance.

To house all of the various filters that would be needed on site, we purchased a portable building to house our maintenance items. In addition, performing monthly preventive maintenance and recording operating parameters and noting anomalies, we also perform vibration analysis to identify potential problems. Pursuing a course of predictive and preventive maintenance, we have improved the “up-time” at this facility and lowered the overall cost of ownership.

Please call Rockwell Equipment today with your needs for predictive maintenance.

HVAC Maintenance

Rockwell Equipment settles into its new home in Wilmerding PA

New HVAC Predictive Maintenance Agreement Reduces Down-time and saves $$$$

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